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Our Courses

Decoding Stock

This course is aimed at decoding and demystifying all stock markets for a common retail investor who is thinking of starting and taking the first step into the world of stock markets.

Advanced Applied Technical Analysis
We have designed this module in such a simplistic yet effective way that even a first-time investor can learn the art of technical analysis and start making money.There is really no magic.

Mastering Intraday Trading

We have designed this course to share the hidden trading secrets and strategies in the most simplest way that even a school going student, Housewife or anybody from any educational background.

How it works

Our Working Process

How Financial literacy will Impact your personal growth ?

  • Accumulate Your Wealth
  • Remove fear of investing
  • Open Multiple options to Invest
  • Build up strong base for next generation
  • Protect and care your family
  • Protect yourself in case of emergencies
  • Safety from fraud activities
  • Build up a Balanced and tension free life
  • Enjoy a Happy Retirement
  • Helps to live a life of your dream
  • Individual Growth will lead to overall economic growth
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Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion

Inclusive finance is a core concept of finance that makes various financial products and services accessible and affordable to all individuals and businesses, especially those excluded from the formal financial system.

  • India’s population is 17.5% of world population out of which 76 percent of adults doesn’t understand the basic concepts of finance
  • The average Indian household holds more than 95 per cent of total assets in physical form which includes residential buildings, farm and in gold or other forms of jewellery.
  • The residual 5 per cent goes into financial assets such as bank deposits and savings, publicly-traded shares, mutual funds, life insurance and retirement corpus.
  • 73% men and 80% women have financial illiteracy in India
  • To enhance awareness of the availability of digital financial services and its benefits. To impart use and advantages of management of personal finance through budgeting.

Overall Need for Financial Literacy

Smart Investment Decisions

As you learn to become an investor, you will begin to devote your limited resources to the things with the largest potential for returns.

Economic Growth

Understanding basic financial concepts allows people to manage their wealth in a more organized way which in turn helps in the economic growth of the nation.

Prevention from Fraudulent Activities

Financial literacy ensures that every financial decision in a person’s life is backed by a rationale that empowers them to feel confident and secure in their choice.

Long-term benefits

Financial education has the potential to help people make more informed financial decisions and change financial behaviors that can have positive effects on the financial well-being of households.

Changing traditional Mindset

Traditional management styles have left people in the dark about their Finances as there is much more to savings than Fixed deposits. Financial literacy open new ways to Saving.

Strong base for next generation

Financial literacy equips people with knowledge in hand, Which helps them to manage their money, make sound decisions to support their next generation with better health and education

Upliftment of Rural and Poor People

Financial illiteracy has long been recognised as a major problem in poor house holds and communities. This is the result of inadequate access to, Financial education.

Reduce the literacy Gap

Financial literacy and financial stability are two key aspects of an efficient economy. Financial literacy enhances individuals' ability to ensure economic security snd reduces literacy gap in the country.